S deťmi len po anglicky

Tento školský rok sa nám splnilo jedno z našich predsavzatí. Seanan Cummings, lektor anglického jazyka, trávi s našimi Makovičkami 15 hodín týždenne. Dovoľte, aby sa Vám predstavil.

Having taught drama in a theatre for many years and then moving away from home to teach English in both China Italy I wasn’t ready to go home, I was looking for a new adventure.  I seen the job advertised for a native English speaker here in Makovicky in Nitra. I was interested in this position because I have always worked with children and I love working in new countries and experiencing new cultures.  Slovakia was somewhere I’ve never been to so I was over the moon when I was offered the job.

puppet show

My first impressions of the school was a great first impression.  The school felt to me like its own little community, it was just like a big family.  I was welcomed here with open arms and that help me to settle. The children in the school are great and really enthusiastic about learning.  A big difference I have found between Makovicky and all the others schools in which I have taught at is, the children don’t want to go home when it is home time which shows how great this school is and how close everyone in the school is.  Another different I have seen in my time here compared to the other countries I have worked in is that they make learning fun, and interesting and the children never get bored, it’s not like the other schools where the children just sit at their desk and work, here they care about the children which is great.

My teaching style is different from other teachers.  As I can’t speak Slovak I like to use simple English with actions so the children can get an understanding.  I like to start every class with a hello song and end it with a goodbye song. Through the class I use music as it’s a great way for children to learn and helps them pick up the language quicker.  I like to teach English using drama, movement, play and books as it keeps the classes fun and enjoyable for the children, and also drama is a great way to learn English. I am a firm believer that children learn better and quicker if they are having fun which I have found    out from teaching in both China and Italy.

Last week, autumn was our inspiration.  We listened to an autumn song: Autumn leaves are falling down, and then we acted out the song words. For example we pretended to be: the red, brown…leafs falling of the trees, a squirrel looking for its food and etc. Then we read a short story about autumn and talked about the pictures. Any book on topic would do, here are some from our school library:








An autumn art project is always a good idea – letting the children use their imagination….